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By Tiana

5 6 months ago

Excellent experience!

I'm not a review person, but felt the need to post a review re: how happy we were with the duct/dryer cleaning that was provided by Duct Cleaning Depot. Damian and Julian aka Jules, as I called him, were fabulous! They both took the time to explain the duct cleaning process, were respectful, and put everything back in it's place if something needed to be moved. I highly recommend booking your duct/dryer cleaning through Duct Cleaning Depot. I will be requesting that Damian and Julian clean out ducts again! Thank you for everything! Tiana
By Hasan Saeed

5 6 months ago

Amazing service!

Damian and Julien at the Duct Cleaning Depot were simply amazing. They worked so hard at cleaning our vents and did an amazing job. They were extremely polite and courteous, and explained the process well. We couldn’t have asked for more, and couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you!!
By Ka Wai Ng

5 Dec 18, 2020

Excellent job by Damian and Junior

Damian and Junior came early and had no problem waiting outside since my kids weren't awake yet. Once the job started, they were extremely friendly, courteous and professional! They went beyond cleaning the ducts. I just recently went through a renovation and before they cleaned the ducts, they warned me of all the construction material that was on top of the ducts and that a lot of dust clouds and debris will be flying everywhere. So they helped me opening the basement windows, vacuumed above the ducts and vacuumed the debris on the basement ground. They even help me remove some of the junk from the basement that the renovation guys forgot to dump. Damian and Junior went the extra mile and I appreciate their hard work. When we are due for another duct cleaning, we definitely will call them again! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
By Abdulkadir Mohamoud

5 Dec 5, 2020

Dryer duct cleaning + Humidifier maintenance

Duct cleaning depot did a great job cleaning our dryer and the dryer vents in our home. Damian took care of a leaking humidifier at the same time. Very professional and friendly! I would definitely recommend Duct cleaning depot services.
By Andrej Budin

5 Apr 13, 2019

Professional and efficient is an understatement

Damian went the extra mile in ensuring our home was cleaned and brought back to pristine condition, professional and to the point. I can already notice how much of a difference in air circulation and how much fresher it smells. Especially after finishing a renovation on our house, this service is a MUST! Especially with allergies within the family, I feel much comfort knowing the job was done right. Worth every penny and not to mention, very affordable compared to many other competitors. Don't think twice about this service, you will not regret it. Thank-you!
By Jeff Levine

5 Apr 12, 2019

Best duct cleaning company in the GTA

A few days ago we woke up to a burning smell in our house. After going through the house and not being able to find out where it was coming from we called the fire department. They quickly identified our furnace as being the source. And while luckily there was no fire, the blower motor was in definite need of a cleaning as the dust build up was creating a fire hazard and evidently the source of the burning smell. Damian from Duct Cleaning Depot showed up the very next day, walked me through everything that he was doing and he did an exceptional job cleaning our furnace and making it safe again for our family. Thanks Duct Cleaning Depot!
By wendy qi

5 Oct 1, 2018

Duct cleaning

Perfect job and cleaned very detailed I would recommend to my friend..and family .very professional cleaning work.
By Chris Martin

5 Mar 9, 2018

Duct cleaning

I am from bolton and I had the pleasure of hiring damion of duct cleaning depot to clean my ducts. He was very professional in his work but most importantly he was a true gentleman with a kind soul. I definitely recommend damion to anyone looking for duct cleaners...god bless damion.
By Randy Schaefer

5 Dec 6, 2017
Damian was informative and forthcoming. He explained what he was going to do. He did an excellent and thorough job which took him 3 1/2 hours. I would definitely recommend him.
By Jeff Levine

5 Nov 15, 2017
A few weeks ago my wife and I noticed that our ceiling on the main floor had a big water spot. When I got out the ladder to touch it I was able to push my whole hand right through the ceiling due to the damage from the water. Upon investigating further it appeared as though water was dripping from the dryer vent. I was confused as to why a dryer vent would be dripping water. I called Damien from Duct Cleaning deport to come investigate and he immediately was able to identify that the issue was because the dryer vent had become clogged with lint and that there was no way for the moisture from the dryer to escape. He was able to unclog the blockage, he cleaned out the entire vent from both inside the house and from the outside and he even took apart our dryer to clean it out as well. He even went beyond that and brought in a big shop vac to suck out all of the remaining water in our ceiling. Thank you so much Damien for doing an incredible job!! We highly recommend Duct Cleaning Depot!!